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Surroundings and activities in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with a lot to offer: it has a long and rich architectural history, many museums and foundations, 4.2km of beaches, varied Mediterranean cuisine, theatres and cinemas, music, sports facilities, trade fairs, a great variety of night life, parks and gardens... at Gaudint Barcelona Suites apartments we will give you information about the best activities for families, friends or couples.

The Sagrada Familia church

The Sagrada Familia church

Barcelona's Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Familia, designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí is the most well-known and emblematic monument of Barcelona and is rich in religious symbolism. The most outstanding parts are:

The towers; you can enter some of the towers and go up to their highest sections to view the city from high up and see some of the intricate details of the church close up.

The three facades, the Birth, Passion and the Glory

For the interior, Gaudí was inspired by the shapes of nature and created columns that look like tree trunks and transform the interior of the temple into an enormous stone forest.

UNESCO named it as a World Heritage Site in 2005.